Vive la France - project video #3

In Petite Camargue, we spent half a day with horses, and Alex had the chance to spend a few hours on the backs of her beloved pets, while the rest had to ride their cars and boards ;D

This was at Pierre Pagès’ in Mas de Pin Fourcat. Huge wetlands and coastal areas where live 60 beautiful white horses and 100 bulls.
There, we shot pictures by means of a drone which filmed the herding of a group of free horses by riders in full gallop through the wetlands. An amazing view !

A long break in horse riding was not helpful to Alex who, during the next days, had big problems with walking, not to even mention longboarding ;)
The next day, we stopped for a moment in Marseilles to shoot a few scenes on the background of the great Maritime Museum, and soon after we jumped back into the car and went in the direction of Cassis, where we spent our last days of shooting in a beautiful and stylish hotel, Relais de la Magdeleine.

There, Walter again wanted to have a few wine scenes, so already at 10 am, with great fun and squiffy heads, we were sipping pink wine :)

A little later and a bit more sober, we went to the port of Cassis to figure out in the tourist office how we could reach the bays by car. But it turned out to be impossible, because the bays form a part of the park and there are no roads out there. It ended in renting a 5-places motorboat where Laurent played the captain while Alex, Justin, Walter and Joachim were getting wet on the bow.

The landscapes were just amazing. The sea stretching to the horizon, rocks crashing into the water – this was a regular view.

As soon as we reached one of the narrow bays, we moored the boat at the rocky coast and after a small picnic, we jumped into the water to do some underwater filming with our GoPro. Then another few scenes with the boat and we returned to the hotel.

In the evening, the dinner passed as usual in a pleasant atmosphere, though everyone knew that this was our last dinner together. A little later, to celebrate the Alex’s 25th birthday, all secretly prepared her a movie‑ surprise :)
The last day passed very quickly. In the morning, after we checked out of the hotel, we went on a long way to the giant (3000 m2) futuristic museum of anthropology and science center in Lyon (Musée des Confluences).

There, after a few shots, we jumped back in the car and went to Metz to shoot some final scenes in front of the Pompidou Centre.

At the end we rented a car, repacked our luggage and after a quick (and sad, because during all these days we pretty much liked each other) farewell, we hit the road back home (Paris).

Those were two very intense weeks, where every day was a new adventure, a new challenge and a new experience. We hope that our journey has inspired you and pointed out a few places that are worth seeing. If you have some spare time and would like to visit interesting places, it’s good to organize a small trip ! In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us !