Vive la France - project #2

It was pretty tough to ride our boards (since Paris with all its wonderful places it’s mostly pavement), but the views that we can normally hardly experience fully compensated our effort.

As for the cameras, it was quite hard to put up the pressure of a big lens at 10 cm from your face, but we learned to ignore it with time.

Then we were transported to Pont l’Evêque in Normandy, where we spent one night by a great lake, in a peaceful and quiet hotel called Eden Park.

The next day, we filmed short scenes in some atmospheric towns such as Emrh, Villerville and Beaumont‑en‑Auge ; ten we arrived to the huge old (and cheap) Château de Boucéel in Vergoncey, where we also spent one night in the neighbourhood of donkeys, otters, cats and white geese :)

The next day at sunrise, we met with a local guide who took us around the famous Mont Saint Michel where at high tide, the waters cut the mountain off from the mainland, thus forming an island.

The next step on our route was Nantes ! There, we were accommodated in a modern hotel in the city centre, OKKO.

At the National Interest Market, we had to clash with the famous huge Elephant of Nantes that could hold on (and in) his back up to 50 people ! There was riding between his legs, fight against his trunk and even with water gushing out of it ;)

After that, we went to the seaside hotel Cocotte in Cap Ferret, where we spent 3 days. There, we had the opportunity to meet oyster fisherman known in Arcachon, Joel Dupuch, also an actor in the movie Les Petits Mouchoirs. We spent a wonderful day on the terrace of a wooden house right on the beach, talking about his lifestyle, sipping rosé wine and tasting oysters with lemon. The cameras, we were barely noticing them.

The next day, early in the morning, we sailed to Arcachon where we went filming on the Dune of Pilat. We could ride downhill on skinboards, rolling around in the sand :)

Our next trip brought us to Château de Pressac in Saint Emilion : a beautiful estate of 2 thousand hectares, with a castle overlooking the vineyards.

We tested 3 red wines of various vintages : 2009, 2012 and 2013. The first two were definitely better than the one from 2013 which was not the best year for fruits.

Afterwards, we were taken to the caves where the wine was stored in huge 200-litre barrels. At the end, we received a bottle of wine for farewell, one for each :D

Landscapes of green vineyards turned into purple fields of lavender. We stayed for a while in Gordes, a small monastery where monks took care of lavender.

Later, we spent some time in Valensole, running around giant purple fields that stretched to the horizon :)
Later on, at Nimes, we fought with a bullfighter nearby famous arenas…

Still interested ? :-)

The last part is about to come...