For the beginning :)

Hi Everyone !

First of all, we’re very glad that we can finally share with you our new webpage, where you’ll be able to follow us in our trips, hobbies and basically... in our lives.
On the “Ride with Us” webpage, you’ll find – apart from all the pictures and videos – also information on where we are, on travels that we plan, on how to get organized for longer trips as well as our experiences and reflections.
We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, both those related to longboard and those related to any other topic, so feel free and don’t hesitate to contact us :)
We’ll start with sharing some advice with you, and I’m addressing it to all travelers similar to us, those who have a car. Be extra careful where you do your vehicle checks, because if you have a 4 wheel drive or an American automatic gearbox, then the control procedure is completely different and there’s a huge risk of blowing the transmission up – just like it happened to us a few days ago.
When checking the wheels, you do not check the front and then the rear – ALL four wheels should spin at the same time and in the same direction ! After all the turmoil, we looked into the web to see if there were already such cases and it turned out that indeed, there were a lot of them. The worst thing is that sometimes the gearbox does not break immediately, but even after a few hundred of kilometres and then it’s almost impossible to prove that it’s the car workshop’s fault.
You could say that for us it was a blessing in disguise, because the car broke down immediately, but even that did not save us from the nightmare we went though and that we have yet to endure with all the insurances, experts, expertise, lawyers and workshops.
So we’ve gained a new experience, and you – watch out for your cars ;)
Oh, and basically, just get your board and go out and skate !!!
Welcome to our world :)
Alex & Laurent