Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi

In 2012, after two years of interior design studies, I moved to Paris in order to solidly learn French. It was supposed to be a one-year stay.
A month after moving, I decided to go into something that had long interested me : the longboard.

At the same time, I met a guy who flipped my life completely upside down, pulling me into the world of longboard, turning me into a board addict and above all, stealing my heart.
Thanks to his advice and lessons, I managed to gain my first sponsors : Blackkross, Orangatang, etc. And I’ve been perfecting my skills ever since.

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Laurent Perigault

I never liked walking. That’s why I’ve avoided it as much as I could, ever since I was a kid. Already at the age of 2, I used to slide on my butt, on a toy skate. A bit later, I switched to BMX bike, but when I was 14, I discovered that what brought me the most pleasure was skateboard. From then on, I spent every free moment skating.

In 2000, also as a fan of surfing, I found a combination of both these passions, and this combination turned out to be longboard, to which I dedicated myself at 100%. And so it was.

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Alex et Lolo

From the first day we met, the reason for every next meeting was the same – riding together. Over time, innocent advice and simple exercises turned into serious lessons and hard work.
Every day we woke up with the same goal, which was to develop our capabilities and improve our skills.Thant’s why systematic practice is so important, which is unfortunately dependent on the weather. That’s why we began to travel – in search of sun and new places to ride.
It allowed us to get to see the world, meet new cultures and new people, experience so many adventures...But all this is nothing compared with what is still ahead of us !